Centium Wallboard

Delivers timely information to provide excellent Customer Service.


Centium Wallboard (WALL) adds value to the software solutions that will increase revenue and customer satisfaction. Our real-time Centium Wallboard system provides employees with the information they need to make accurate business decisions.


The Centium Wallboard is a client/server software application that adds Calls functionality to supervisor personal computer and displayed on LCD screen. Agents can have access to critical calls statistics shown in a window right on their personal computer and displayed on their LCD screen. It is vital that agents and managers are always aware of current calls statistics.

Centium Wallboard innovative software solutions collect relevant data and deliver real-time and historical data through Centium Wallboard. Call information will then be displayed on LCD screens and in supervisor personal computer. All number of calls appearing on the Centium Wallboard are real-time and are updated every second.


Features and Benefit Of CENTIUM WALLBOARD ?

•Empower Agents to manage customer care standards.
•Continuous Contact Centre Optimization.
•Free up Manager time.
•The display is easily readable and has a wide viewing angle.
•Centium Wallboard receives the various customer calls real-time queue statistics and then displays this information on LCD Screen such as:-

••Name of ACD Group for the group of agents.
••Number of Outgoing calls made by the agents.
••Number of Abandon calls on the agents phone.•
••Number of Incoming calls received by the agents.•
••Number of calls that currently Queue on the ACD Group.

•List of waiting in Queue, which will display Queue No, Name, Phone Number, Duration of the calls (Optional features).

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